2022 NAPLEX Course Book

2022 NAPLEX Course Book

All the must-know content for NAPLEX!


With 80+ chapters, the NAPLEX Course Book contains everything you need.

  • 60+ Clinical Chapters
  • 10+ Foundational Chapters
  • 3 Compounding Chapters
  • Biostatistics Chapter
  • 5 Calculations Chapters with 200+ Practice Problems
  • 2 Exam-Style Practice Chapters: Calculations and Case-Based



  • Study Tips, Key Drug lists and Case Scenarios make it quick and easy to learn the material.
  • Quick Guides for Top Seller Drugs, Diagnostic Tests, Medical Terms and others.
  • Bolded drugs and underlined content emphasize the important information.
  • A bonus tear-out card with required formulas!


Pair the Course Book with the online Test Bank to access 3700+ exam-style practice questions. For the complete package, including Video Lectures, consider the NAPLEX Online Course.

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