CPJE (California) Law Online Course

CPJE (California) Law Online Course

CPJE Course Manual + Test Bank + Video Lectures


Featuring a Course Manual, Test Bank, and Video Lectures, the CPJE Online Course covers all the important law topics on the exam plus clinical topics not included in the RxPrep NAPLEX materials.* 

Course Manual

The 7th Edition California Law Summary for CPJE Manual gives you up-to-date content review, illustrated charts, diagrams, tables, and thorough explanations with example scenarios to help you better understand the concepts.

What’s New?
  • Chapters have been broken into smaller sections to make the concepts easier to understand.
  • Law Study Tips have been added to the Manual to emphasize key testable content.

Test Bank

The Test Bank contains 350+ exam-style questions that emphasize important testable topics. Plus, a final CPJE Practice Exam is available to test yourself before exam day so you can gauge your readiness level.

Video Lectures

Filmed by experienced pharmacists, Video Lectures break down complex concepts, making them easier to understand. Plus, the Video Lectures correspond to each chapter in the Course Manual, so students can gain more insights by using both learning tools together.


*The CPJE tests both law and clinical content, including areas that overlap with the NAPLEX. The CPJE Online Course is intended to be used with the RxPrep NAPLEX materials.
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